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Seayeen Group offeres diverse range of investments in Cambodia. We have short, medium and long term oppurtunites. These investments are predominatly in the real eastate and agricultural sectors. We also have a joint equity investments. Our portfolio includes strategic projects designed for high returns.

No. Article 44 of the Cambodian consitution prohibts foreign ownership of land. However, there are many ways that foreign investors can have control over their land assets. These inculde utilizing trust structures, holding companies and Individual Trustee agreements. Seayeen group specilizes in setting up these kinds of structures and can tailor a solution to prefectly suit your needs.

With joint equity investing you become a partner with Seayeen Group. You can do this with a single block of land or property fund. Seayeen group will be responsible for the legal and phyisical mangement of the land, we will also maintain government compliance throught the term of the investment and on your instructions sell the land at a price approved by you. 

Our Real estate offices offer a wide range of services. These include legal services, gps mearsuring, sales and marketing, title searches and much more. Infact our offices were designed to assist investors with every aspect of buying and selling Real Estate in Cambodia.

Yes, Seayeen group has a agricultural division equipped with machinary, staff and expertize. We often incorperate agriculture as part of our strategic investments.

People who are owed money or engaged in a civil dispute can book a paid consultion with one of our debt recovery officers. Simply give us all the documentation you have relating to the dispute, we will give an expert evaluation of the sitution, tell you what your chances are of a favorable resolution are and inform you of the costs.

Seayeen Group offers a paid consultaion to families of patients requiring medical repatriation. Following this we will come directly to any hospital in Cambodia, assess the patients condition and give a quotation for their repatriation. We can offer a number of different options to accommodate a patients needs and budget.

Selling land involves a series of steps from land sales preparation, marketing through our real estate platforms, to handling offers and closing sales, aimed at maximizing investment returns for our clients.

Because we make hundreds of real estate transactions every year our staff are experts regarding cambodian land laws, our close relationship with government departments means that we are always keeping upto date with legislational changes. 

Simply book a free consulation with one of our financial planners and find out how our investments can benefit you.

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