Medical Repatriation Services
by Seayeen Group

Our experience and global network make us a leader in medical repatriation services. Our team's expertise in handling logistical challenges combined with our commitment to compassionate care ensures patients receive the highest quality service in their time of need. Trust us to manage your medical repatriation with professionalism and empathy.

Our Services

Medical Repatriation

Emergency Medical Transport

Air ambulances equipped for critical care.

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Medical Escort Services

Qualified medical escorts for commercial flight supervision.

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Ground Ambulance Services

Seamless ground transportation coordination.

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Brett Goulding
Founder & CEO

Growing up in rural Australia, Brett’s roots in real estate and agriculture run deep. With an entreprenurial background that is both electic and diverse he has lived in many countries and developed a variety of skills. Captivated by the potenial of Cambodia’s North East he now focuses on the development of world class investments portfolio’s for his syndicate of Investors.

Emergency Medical Transport services

The Process

Initial Consultation

The first step in our medical repatriation process involves a detailed assessment of the patient's condition and requirements. Our team works closely with families and healthcare providers to plan the safest and most efficient repatriation strategy.

Coordination with Medical Facilities

We liaise with medical facilities both at the departure point and the destination to ensure a seamless care transition. Our team handles all communications and arrangements, focusing on the patient's health and safety.

Handling Logistics

Navigating the logistics of medical repatriation can be complex. Seayeen Group manages all aspects, including flight bookings, ground transportation, and necessary documentation, to streamline the repatriation process.

Continuous Support

Our commitment to patients and their families extends beyond transportation. We provide ongoing communication and support throughout the repatriation process, ensuring peace of mind during a stressful time.