Our Leadership

Our Journey

The Seayeen Group story began with Brett Goulding’s vision in the lush landscapes of North -Eastern Cambodia. With a desire   to harness the regions rich agricultural and real estate potential the company rapidly expanded into diverse sectors. 

Today the group stands as a testiment to enduring commitment and visionary leadership. Poised to set newbenchmarks we continue to contribute to Cambodia’s growth story and its future of limitless possibilties. 

Meet Our Team

Brett Goulding
Founder & CEO

Growing up in rural Australia, Brett’s roots in real estate and agriculture run deep. With an entreprenurial background that is both electic and diverse he has lived in many countries and developed a variety of skills. Captivated by the potenial of Cambodia’s North East he now focuses on the development of world class investments portfolio’s for his syndicate of Investors.

Sinat Oeur
General manager

Hailing from Siem Reap Sinat brings a wealth of experiance to the Group. With her background in Real Estate management her expertise have been essential to the company’s success. Today her tenacity and strategic insights continue to propel the company towards new heights.

Sat Chinda
Provincial Manager

Since joining, Chinda’s innovative approach has been instrumental in developing the Mondulkiri office. His personal approach is a hall mark of his work and he is a favourite amongst members of the public and company staff. He continues to drive forward the groups objectives in Mondulkiri.

Bou Sophak
Agro-Science Consultant

As one of the countries leading Agro-Science experts, Bou Sophak brings cutting edge science to the forefront of Seayeen group’s practices. His expertise which combines local knowledge with internationl training has allowed Seayeen Group to reduce costs, enhance productivity and sustainabilty.

Pon Doueng
of Agriculture

Pon Doueng’s hands-on approach and expertise ensure our projects operate at the highest standards. Combining the native farming practices of his Tampuon heritage with cutting  edge technology and equipment he continues to push the limits of productivity.

Lim Theara
Property Fund Manager

As Property Fund Manger , Theara’s disciplined approach ensures the strategic growth and management of investors portfolios. With his ongoing hard work and dedication he continues to reduce risk and maximize returns of the assets which are under his control.

Mao Sary
Lawyer – Legal Consultant

As legal adviser Sary has been instrumental in ensuring Seayeen group mainatins its strict adherance to the law. His knowledge and experience has been invaluable, particularly with regard to his indepth understanding of the countries land laws.

Victor Tan
Investment Consultant

Born in Singapore Victor is a sucessful entreprenure in the field of technology. Currently a resident of Thailand, he frequently travels throughout South- East Asia where he is the main contact for the groups Mandarin speaking Investors.

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