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Welcome to Seayeen Group, your partner for sustainable investment opportunities in Cambodia.

From Ratanakiri to Mondulkiri, we're pioneering growth with integrity. Seayeen Group has established itself as a leader among Asia’s investment firms, leveraging the fast-growing potential of Cambodia’s North-East. Our strategic position and innovative programs offer unique investement opportunities.

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"Real Estate in Cambodia: A Golden Opportunity for Your Next Investment. Discover the potential."


Clients Feedback

As a foreign investor, the idea of navigating the Cambodian real estate market seemed daunting. Seayeen Group not only provided us with invaluable insights but also facilitated seamless transactions. Their professionalism and deep understanding of the local market dynamics have been instrumental in our success. We've seen remarkable returns on our investments, thanks to their expert guidance.

Elena Rodriguez

The agricultural sector in Cambodia presented us with a unique investment opportunity, but it was Seayeen Group's innovative approach and commitment to sustainability that truly made our project a success. Their management of over 50 agricultural sites is a testament to their expertise and dedication to creating value for investors and the community alike.

Khemara Sok

When I received the call that my brother had been seriously injured in Cambodia I was shocked and upon arrival in Phnom Penh I was overwhelmed by the circumstances. Seayeen Group executives Brett and Sinat promised me that everything would be ok. They arranged a ground ambulance transfer to Bangkok, oversaw my brothers medical procedures and had him safely repatriated to France. I will never forget what they did and would recommend them to anyone.

Christel Louvel

Seayeen Group's adept handling of our complex debt collection issue in Cambodia was nothing short of remarkable. Their local expertise and strategic approach turned a challenging situation into a successful resolution, safeguarding our investments and reinforcing our trust in their services. Their professionalism and results-oriented mindset are why we continue to rely on them for our business needs in Asia.

Sokha Lim

What sets this company apart is the personality and intelligence of its founder who possesses the ability to confidently, even forcefully navigate through difficult circumstances. I witnessed this a number of times with my early investments and have since watched this become a cultural trait within the company.

Adam Sinclair